Passitherm thermal bridging analysis software

Thermal bridging software Passitherm is a next-generation software used to analyse the heat lost through linear junctions within buildings to eliminate heat energy loss and increase building energy efficiency.

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Eliminate heating energy loss in buildings with
Passitherm thermal bridging analysis software.

Passitherm software is an essential tool in building energy efficient buildings.

Thanks to its cutting-edge features building professionals can accurately calculate heating energy loss and promptly prevent that during the design process. Passitherm provides its customers with Passitherm, which consists of a comprehensive array of new and existing features for thermal bridging analysis in 2D for precise, factual calculations.

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Features in Passitherm Thermal Bridigng Analysis

The current version of Passitherm has been enhanced with hand-picked, necessary new features to make thermal bridging calculating even more efficient and precise, including:

  • Interactive Example Wizard
  • Heat Flow Representation
  • English and German
  • Anisotropic Material
  • Different Print Layouts
  • Temperature Scale
  • Isotherms in black
  • Labelling Isotherms

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Benefit today from our Passitherm software training courses

Passitherm offers training courses for building professionals wishing to use Passitherm competently. The training events are to be held throughout 2014/15 in major UK cities. In these courses you will learn how to take full advantage of its potential, and design or build energy-efficient buildings.

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