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Passitherm is the brainchild of Graham Clyde, energy efficiency consultant with more than 25 years of hands-on experience. Passitherm is a Passive House Consultation and Training company that offers competitive and cutting-edge Passive House services to architects, designers and engineers among other building experts.

After years as a trainer and Passive House certified designer, Graham Clyde founded Passitherm in order to provide his knowledge and expertise to a wider professional audience. He explains his ambition,

“ Passitherm has one aim to disseminate the knowledge and expertise accumulated over the years as a way of establishing Passive House as the new building norm. I wanted to contribute to the Passive House sector in more sustainable and large-impact ways. It’s one thing being a designer and  a wholly different thing being a consultant or trainer— you reach more people, you reach all the right people. Being a Passive House consultant and trainer allows me to let others know the secrets of the trade and ultimately make an eco-friendly, energy-efficient world a reality. ” – Graham Clyde

Passitherm strives to raise awareness about building  energy efficient buildings and making widely-known   that affordable, energy efficiency is possible. Building experts shouldn’t consider Passive House an option, but rather an imperative knowledge of our times. It is everyone’s responsibility to have new and existing buildings that are fundamentally energy efficient.

Passitherm aspires to increase the number of Passive House trained  professionals by providing training and certification services to building experts across across Europe and beyond. For a full, detailed list of our services, click HERE.

Graham Clyde

Energy Consultant

Graham Clyde is an energy consultant with nearly 25 years of professional experience in building control, surveying and many other roles in the public and private sector as well as being a Certified Passive House Designer, qualified thermal modeller, expert consultant and trainer in PHPP and Psi-Therm.

Armed with this knowledge and experience, Graham boasts both, a unique and a practical perspective for understanding building construction and energy efficient matters. In his time with the BRE (Building Research Establishment), Graham along with his colleagues helped develop and define the future of Energy Design accreditation as well as shedding light to energy performance and raising awareness among architects, engineers and other building professionals.

He has also gained valuable experience as a trainer over the years and his most recent time has been spent as Technical Manager with Scotframe Timber Engineering – a market leader in the timber frame sector. There, Graham has been instrumental in the development of new thermally efficient building fabric solutions.

Graham is a full member (MBEng) of the Association of Building Engineers and has amassed a wide range of qualification in England and Scotland as well as being a fully certified Passive House designer. Specialising in Thermal Engineering solutions, Graham strongly endorses the high standards and principles that the International Institute of Building Energy Modelling promotes and spreads across its target nations.


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