It was about time. Finally the Passive House Design Standard catches up in the US

The Empowerhouse, Passive House building has just been delivered to two families in Washington. The Empowerhoouse is a prime example of how the younger generation is swift in understanding the significance of the Passive House design approach and seems very keen to disseminate that knowledge.

Empowerhouse is an impressively energy-efficient Passive House created by Empowerhouse, a community-based team of young people who through their love for design and skills promote sustainable living in the US. The team members are from the Stevens Institute of Technology in Hobooken, New Jersey and the New School in New York City.

How to obtain a Passive House Consultant/Designer Certification

The PassiveHaus building model constitutes one of the most energy efficient building standards available today. Although an optional building standard, it is nonetheless a meticulously designed one which when applied successfully has an impressive set of benefits.

The PassiveHaus, commonly known as Passive House is incrementally becoming more widespread as a building standard in Europe and beyond. Given its ability to cut energy costs as much as 90% in comparison to typical buildings, it is no surprise that more building professionals are now opting for this building standard.

A 1920’s house gets a complete makeover: Now it’s Passive House energy efficient!

Rehabilitating old buildings is a distinctive process, but nonetheless the results can be soul-gratifying for the experts involved and the dwellers alike.

A Barcelona, 1918-built home underwent renovation according to the Passive House building standard and today is proudly boasting of its energy efficient capabilities.

Passive House Consultation and Training company PassiTherm, announces PSI-Therm software training to take place early this Spring.

Passive House consultation and training company PassiTherm, revealed today that PassiTherm will be launching a series of training events on PSI-Therm software to building experts in London, Stirling, and Leeds, as part of its 2013 project for PSI-Therm software training.

The aim of this project by PassiTherm is to introduce PSI-Therm to a wider audience of interested building professionals including environmental engineers, architects, designers, energy consultants, builders and other building experts. A parallel goal is to allow building professionals, new to the Passive House Building Standard, to become more proficient in implementing the Passive House requirements by using next-generation tools such as PSI-Therm.

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